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You will find on this site some useful scripts we have done to extend the functionalities of Adobe Indesign.

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Thanks and good Indesign scripts!

Cellule-Hit – V1

Cellule-Hit for adobe InDesign
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CELLULE-HIT is a free javascript
> for Indesign CS and CC
> Mac and PC

It allows you to find a cell in an InDesign table by entering its Excel coordinates:

  • launch the script
  • enter the coordinates of an Excel table cell (eg AE34)
  • validate

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (add translation)
v. 1.1 - april 2019

Calculs Raynaux – V3

Calculs-Raynaux V3 script for Adobe InDesign
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CALCULS RAYNAUX is a free javascript
> for Indesign CS1 to Indesign CC
> Mac and PC

It allows to perform calculations (and more!) in the cells of tables:

  • in preselected cells
  • or in all the colums of the table
  • or in all the lines of the table

French, English, German, Polish, Swiss (add translation)
v. 3.06 - April 2020