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You want to help us translate one or more scripts, and we thank you very much.

To do this, nothing easier:
• Download below the Excel file of the script(s) for InDesign you want to translate.
• Complete it with your new language (you can also correct the existing one, thank you then to put the corrections in red).
• Send us the file at labdal@labdal.net

Thank you.

Calculs Raynaux - V4

Calculs Raynaux - V3.05

Cellule-Hit - V1.1

A big thank you already to: Rainer Klute, Astrid, Sylvie Joubert, Anne-Marie Paris, Agnès Calas, Yane Picart-Hellec, Dylan Cozian, Nicolas Caubrière, Jonas Petersen Tannhauser, Piotr Palik...